Hot Raqs 2019 ~ Festival & Competition

Дата начала 2019-06-29
Дата окончания 2019-06-30
Адрес Соединенные Штаты Америки Кловис в сообщении
Категория Фестиваль
Название Hot Raqs 2019 ~ Festival & Competition
Полная информация Hot Raqs 2019 is the 3rd annual- not to be missed- premiere event held in the beautiful Ballroom at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District.

Come for festival performances, spectacular competitions, live music with top musicians, delicious local Armenian food, shopping, Gala Shows, after parties, games, give always, and more!

This event, brought to you by Andalee of California and her husband Mike Owens, is a labor of love in which they both bring their unique talents and passions and combine them to create an experience that is organized, detail oriented, friendly, and full of respect for this art form so many of us have come to love.

Register for classes, competition, festival performance, and get more info at

Festival 10:30AM-6:30pm
Gala Show 8pm-10pm
After Party at Di Cicco's 10pm-?

Festival 10:30AM-3:00pm
Live Music Show & Finals 4pm-6pm

Имя организатора Hot Raqs
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