RENDEZ-VOUS with Vaagn Tadevosyan in Paris by Lorann

Дата начала 2019-10-05
Дата окончания 2019-10-06
Адрес Франция Париж в сообщении
Категория Фестиваль
Название RENDEZ-VOUS with Vaagn Tadevosyan in Paris by Lorann
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PARIS, city of love, glamour, passion...
There's no better place to host an event which combines ROMANCE, DANCE and SPEED DATING!

LORANN, by Lauriane Mj and Anne Elarza, invites you to experience a moment you'll never forget: an intensive belly dance week-end with amazing artists.

There will be:
- 3 intensive workshops led by Vaagn Tadevosyan
- 2 shows in one night
- A private meeting with Vaagn
We'll reveal the workshops' agenda and you'll be able to subscribe next week.

Saturday October 5th 2019
10 am - 12.30 pm : Mejance Choreography, entering the stage with charisma !
12.30 pm - 1 pm : Questions / Answers with Vaagn

7 pm : OPEN STAGE and STARS SHOW + private speed dating with Vaagn

Sunday October 6th 2019
1 pm - 3.30 pm : Intensive Oriental Technique with Ballet Basis
3.30 pm - 6 pm : Lyrical Song, feel the love in your movements


☆First, our talented Russian prince, VAAGN TADEVOSYAN! He's famous all over the world for his amazing talent as an artist, dancer and choreographer. He'll teach 3 workshops over the weekend, don't miss them!!

☆MAÏSSANE NARJIS from Toulouse, a gorgeous and sparkling young dancer, increasingly asked to perform on stage.

☆ The enchanting NARJISSE from Paris, who will seduce you as she is full of surprises.

☆ The wonderdul COMPAGNIE BELL'MASRY directed by Taly Hanafy will dazzle you.

☆ The incredible KAZAFY TROUPE FRANCE, directed by Salma Ben and Mohamed Kazafy will impress you for sure.

☆And last but not least, our organizers LAURIANE MJ et ANNE ELARZA, who are both renowned for their artistic softness and grace.

¤ More information about the show coming up soon.

With as many talented artists gathered as there will be on OCTOBER 5-6 2019, there's no way for you to miss it!!

Well then, will you be at the RENDEZ VOUS ?

Имя организатора Lorann by Lauriane Mj and Anne Elarza
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