Danish Open Bellydance 2019

Дата начала 2019-11-08
Дата окончания 2019-11-10
Адрес Дания Копенгаген в сообщении
Категория Фестиваль
Название Danish Open Bellydance 2019
Полная информация По всем вопросам обращайтесь к организаорам: https://www.facebook.com/events/971944209657002/
Come and join us at Danish Open Bellydance 2019
Danish Open Bellydance is an international festival held every year in November.
Belly dancers from all over the world will join us during the festival weekend to participate in workshops, compete in the competitions, judge in the competitions, teach workshops, perform in the Gala Show or Open Stage show, shop in the bazaar or as audience where they will cheer for their favorite dancer.

As an audience you will hopefully feel like you are a part of 1001 nights adventure as soon as you enter Glostrup Hallen where a bazar area with costumes, jewelry, make-up etc. will meet you. You get the possibility to enjoy beautiful and skilled dancers as they go on stage in the shows and competitions we offer during the festival weekend - Everyone are welcome whether you are a belly dancer or just want to watch some great shows with fantastic dancers in beautiful sparkling costumes.
Tickets can be bought via billetlugen.dk (sale opens early May)

What will happen during the weekend...
On the Friday, we offer a range of workshops including a free beginner’s workshop if you wish to try belly dance yourself, and a free Jallabina workshop which is a brand-new workout style.
After you have been sweating you can watch a brilliant Gala show with some of the judges and specially invited guests, and it is possible to order an oriental buffet dinner (can be ordered until 1 November - no door sale).

On the Saturday, we offer even more workshops and in the evening, it will be competition time. Everyone is welcome to watch the competitions where you can see some of the best belly dancers on the special made stage. It is possible to order a Mexican buffet dinner 1 November - no door sale).

On Sunday, we offer yet more workshops and the last of the competitions will be held followed by an Open Stage show.
Again, everyone is welcome to watch the competitions where you can see some of the best belly dancers.

Tickets to the show and competitions can be purchased via billetugen.dk from early May
Prices (presale / on the door):
- Friday: Gala Show and Fashion Show without buffet DKK 220 (€30) / 270 (€40).
- Friday: as above including Oriental buffet dinner DKK 370 (€50) / Presale only until 1 November
- Saturday: Competitions without buffet DKK 220 (€30) / 270 (€40).
- Saturday: as above including Mexican buffet dinner DKK 370 (€50) / Presale only until 1 November
- Sunday: Competitions and Open Stage DKK 220 (€30) / 270 (€40).

Please note, only DKK, Euro (no coins) and MobilePay are accepted on the door.
Read more about the competition, the participants, the judges, the workshops etc. on our webpage www.DanishOpenBellydance.dk
Separate Facebook events for each workshop can be found as they are announced.

Преподаватели и судьи:
Sadie from USA
David Abraham from Argentina
Yasmina of Cairo (UK/Egypt)
Lena Helt from Sweden
Shalymar from Germany
Anna Barner from Denmark
Guy Schalom from the UK
Eman Zaki from Egypt.
Siri Ydstie from Norway
Suzzane Sofia Potempa from Denmark
Имя организатора Danish Open Bellydance
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