Raqs El Awalim Festival in Cologne/Germany

Дата начала 2019-05-10
Дата окончания 2019-05-12
Адрес Германия Кёльн Platenstr. 32
Категория Фестиваль
Название Raqs El Awalim Festival in Cologne/Germany
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Dear dance enthusiasts!

We are very pleased to invite you for the third time to the "Raqs El Awalim" Festival. Look forward to the contest "Miss Raqsa", the Open Stage and great workshops with Vaagn Tadevosyan, Shahrazad and more.
On May 11th at 8:00 pm is the gala show "Raqs El Awalim" with unique and fantastic artists: Iman Hadad, Ranin, Yela, Seiya, Olga Voronko, Shahrazad and Salomon's daughters, the group of Raqs El Awalim from the Izida dance school and of course Izida herself! In addition, we are especially looking forward to the first-class guest dancer from Russia: Vaagn Tadevosyan.
Take the opportunity to come to this Show, we are looking forward to see you! It is going to be great!!!

Miss Raqsa Competition
Dear ladies, soon the time has come!
For the second time the "Miss Raqsa Competition" takes place. We have great prizes for the winners again!

The jury includes: Vaagn Tadevosyan, Iman Hadad and Shahrazad.
There are only two categories: solo classical and solo folklore.

The evaluation is based on the following criteria:
1. technique,
2. choreography & execution,
3. feeling & charisma,
4. costume, make-up and styling.
It is rated in percent from 1% to 100% on all points.
The music for the two categories must not be longer than 3:30 each.
After the award ceremony, the participants have the opportunity to look into their evaluation form and each participant receives written criticism and recommendations from the jurors!

Workshops on 10, 11 and 12 May with
Vaagn Tadevosyan, Izida, Olga Voronko and Shahrazad.
For more information about the workshops please note the poster.

Workshops with Izida, Olga Voronko and Shahrazad:
Euro 50,00 per workshop.

2 workshops with Vaagn Tadevosyan:
(only bookable together) Euro 100,00

Full Pass Workshops: Euro 250,00
Gala Show Ticket: Euro 20,00
Participation in the competition:
Full pass workshops Euro 250,00
+ Gala Show Ticket Euro 20,00
+ Euro 20,00 registration fee.

If you would like to participate in the Open Stage, please send an email to orient@izida.de

More info:

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